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Continuing with my saga of the Butting Heads Farm, found us in the kitchen with 6 kids running around. That's goat type kids, not people kids. The Frost's bring the kids in the house, soon after they are born and feed them until they are weaned. It can make for a hectic time. We were lucky to have gotten out of there without taking any kids home. They were great to photograph, with each one having a look and personality all its own.

Feeding Time at the Butting Heads Farm

New chicks had been hatched and were under the lights, as well. The kitchen is a busy place on the Farm.  It is a challenge to shoot the chicks as the warming lamp puts out a light that has a distinctive color to it. It was not possible to use the SpeedLight to balance the lighting. You may have to adjust your white balance when processing the images. This is one of the reasons I always shoot in Raw, much more control over the resulting image. I always try to get it as close as I can in Camera, but the digital camera sees things differently the human eye. Some tweaking in LightRoom or Photoshop is sometimes necessary to come out with the image you saw when you pushed the shutter release.

Butting Heads Farm sells eggs, goat milk, goat milk cheese, and goat milk soap. It is quite an operation, and a lot of work for a family to maintain, all while working their day jobs in addition.

Goat Milk Soap
Last Saturday, the 20th of April, I was fortunate to be involved in photographing models at the WMPG 2013 Fashion Show. Leah Haraden, Ken Jones, and I volunteered to shoot the models and fashions of a new designer, Raisa. The shoot started rather confused as we did not know where to set up and what the protocol would be. After sorting things out, we found a good spot with decent soft back lighting, and out of the direct line of traffic. We met Raisa and was introduced to her models. Most of them seemed to be inexperienced but took directions well, producing some very nice photos. 

Corissa, Loren, Raisa and Olga
Let your photography take you where it will. The same basic techniques will serve you well if you are shooting on a farm, or at a fashion show. It is all about the light. One of the challenges in shooting people, is to get them to relax and open up for you. If your subject is shy, you need to coax them into feeling they want to look good for you, and show they are having fun. Once we had made sure that Raisa had the photos she wanted, other designers began asking for photos of their models, and creations. It was a lot of work, and a lot of fun. Many good shots were produced and the feedback we have received from Models and Designers has been worth it.
Katlyn, Isabelle Jo, Courtney, Mac, Ivy Ferrelli, Janet, Kani
Photos of the Fashion Show and Butting Heads Farm can be seen on my web site: www.jimwalkerphotography.com

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