Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Studio or On-Location, We are ready......

As you know from my last blog, the hospital stay and subsequent re-cooperation, limited my activities. So, my Studio partner, Brenda Giasson, and her fiance', Tim, put in a lot of work and the studio is open for business. We had a few folks stop by to take a look during the July Lewiston/Auburn Art Walk. We may have a more formal "Open House" in a few weeks, as we shake off the cob webs, and get more organized with what belongs where, and how we can best utilize the space that is available to us.

145 Lisbon St, Suite 604, Lewiston, Maine

We have roof access, when it is arranged in advance, and the view over Lewiston and Auburn are incredible. Even the windows look out over the city sky line.

View from the Studio....
Looking towards Lewiston City Hall...

As you can tell, I am kind of excited about having a place to shoot portraits and still lifes. Now, it is just a matter of building up a client list. Some say I must be crazy for starting a new venture when I was talking about full retirement not so long ago. But hey, I am doing something I love. In the meantime, I had a very nice session with a real cutie, on location.

I love photographing children, but they can be a challenge. Layla refused to smile for most of the shoot. No crying though, and she could not hold out forever. All the photos turned out great, but this one showed her at her best, laughing. Keep shooting, and stay tuned.

Sunday, July 21, 2013

Hospitalization and Preparing a New Studio

No, I have not fallen off the face of the earth!!! I am making it back after Gall Bladder removal surgery that went very wrong. I spent 10 days in the hospital, then came home with an antibiotic IV plugged into me. Bottom line is, they couldn't kill me that easy, although it felt like it at times and did come close. Strength is returning but it will be awhile before I am back at 100%. I was finally able to give up the IV and am now untethered.  I had not touched the computer in over 3 weeks, and am trying to catch up. It is amazing the number of e-mails that accumulate in 3 weeks. Now I am working on getting my stamina back. I can feel an impending fight over hospital bills that were generated because of mistakes made by the hospital. Oh well, that will be another story. I feel like I have missed a third of the summer.

9 pm on Lisbon Street

In the meantime, I had just signed a lease, with Brenda Giasson, for studio space at the Professional Building on Lisbon Street. The day after signing the lease I was admitted to the hospital. Brenda, and her fiancĂ©, Tim have done a great job transforming the two rooms into a usable studio space. With a little more work to be done, some props and setup, we hope to be a viable part of the art community on Lisbon Street. More details to come, and hopefully a soft opening in time for the Art Walk the end of July. 

So, the studio is coming together, and we invite our friends to stop by and see where we hope to make some magic in the coming months. Please put it on your calendar: 5:00 pm to 7:00 pm, Friday evening, 26 July 2013, in conjunction with the Lewiston/Auburn Art Walk. Professional Building, 145 Lisbon St, Suite 604, Lewiston, ME.
145 Lisbon St, Suite 604, Lewiston, Maine

Hope to see you there, and remember to live every day as if it was your last. One of these days it will be.