Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Saturday at the Miss Maine Academic Pageant

On Saturday, 17 August, I found myself at the Thornton Academy in Saco, Maine. A fellow photographer, Sharmee Merrill, asked if I would second shoot for her at a pageant. I could not resist the opportunity to shoot people all day long. It was the Miss Maine Junior * High * Collegiate America Pageant. Contestants ranged from 3 years old to college age. The young ones had their show in the early afternoon, and the older girls/women were in the evening. We had the chance to shoot several private sessions during the break between shows. 

Model and Pageant contestant, Eliza Richard

 Photographing a professional model, such as Eliza Richard, is one of the joys of shooting people. She is so adept at being before the camera, she needs very little directing, or prompting. Simply convey the idea of what you are trying to capture, and Eliza will give you her best interpretation. She moves and changes facial expressions at almost every click of the shutter. 

Contestant, college student and potential model, Colleen Carey

Colleen is a beautiful college student that was competing in the pageant. She is naturally photogenic, and took direction very well. Although not as experienced as Eliza, she is a natural before the camera. Colleen is one of those people that are hard to take a bad photograph of. I had a difficult time deciding if I would process this photo in color or B&W. They both look so good, but the B&W seems to stand out, and brings out a certain glow in her. I hope to get her in the studio for some different lighting and backgrounds. She was a real pleasure to have before the lens.

Miss Maine Preschool 2014, Miss Maine USA - Ali Clair, and Miss Maine Preschool 2013

 Even the young ones were well versed in posing before the camera. This shot was taken shortly after Emily Collins had won the title of Miss Maine Preschool America. She was being congratulated by the current crown holder and Miss Maine USA, Ali Clair. The children all seemed to look up to Ali and did their best posing for the camera.

Miss Maine Collegiate - 2014, Casey Bonville

The evening culminated in the crowning of Casey Bonville as Miss Maine Collegiate America for 2014. It was a very long day, but some great photos were taken. I am glad that Sharmee gave me the opportunity to photograph the pageant and all the great participants. Thanks to all of them for sharing their day with me. Photographing people is what I love doing.