Saturday, January 25, 2014

Ice and Owls

It has been far too long since I last wrote on my Blog. Time has a way of getting away from me. The holiday season is always so busy with a more than full schedule at my job with L.L.Bean. Does not leave much time to get out and shoot. This is a new year, and the work schedule is getting back to a more manageable level. Things have been really slow in the Studio. Hopefully, that will pick up with warmer weather and Valentines Day coming up. Contact me for special Valentine's Day mini sessions.

The Snow and Ice Storms we experienced in December lent itself to some good photographs. Sometimes, what Nature throws at us, turns out to be very beautiful in the aftermath.

This is a photo of ice covered branches shot with the mid-afternoon sun highlighting the scene. I shot against the Blue sky, keeping the sun just out of the photo to eliminate too much flare.

This landscape was shot during the same time frame as the previous photo. Note, that the sky is not quite so blue as I was shooting in a different direction. The suns rays did not have the same impact, although the effect makes the photo look colder and more foreboding. The outside temperature was about 10 degrees, very crisp.

This has been an irruptive year for Snowy Owls. They are occasionally found in Maine during the winter, but this year there are quite a few. Having seen reports that a Snowy was seen in Sabattus, Maine, Dan Marquis and I set out one cold Sunday afternoon to see if we could find it. We did not, but what we did get was a beautiful sunset over the farms and fields. The Beautiful yellow light seemed to light up the snow. I shot this with my Canon 60D and a Sigma 150-500mm VR lens, hand held. The longer focal length was instrumental in compressing the landscape and capturing the light on the snow.

Several Snowy Owls had been seen, consistently, at Biddeford Pool, Maine. I chose a beautiful, sunny day, during the week to make the drive down. I was rewarded with one sitting on a roof, looking over the marsh searching for a meal. Not exactly the pure nature shot I was looking for, but sometimes you have to take what is handed to you. I did see two additional owls, but was not able to get a photo of them.

As a bonus, I was able to shoot some winter surfers enjoying the waves. Seems the storms that were passing us by, were creating some very good surf. There were about a dozen surfers braving the cold water to do what they totally enjoyed on a cold winters day.

Always remember, when you are photographing s subject, look around. You never know what opportunity will present itself. Some of the least expected moments, lend themselves to the best photographs.

Keep shooting, keep warm, and think Spring!!!

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