Thursday, April 11, 2013

Camera Clubs 
A New Maine Stock Photo Web Site

Lobster Traps on Vinalhaven, Maine

I have been a member of the Capital Area Camera Club (CACC) in Augusta, Maine for quite a few years. (CACC on FaceBook) I initially joined the club because there was none located in the Lewiston/Auburn area. This club has been a great help to my development as a photographer. The members have been more than willing to share their expertise, and teach their methods to other club members. Photographers come from all over Central Maine to participate in club meetings and interact with each other. 

Pulling Traps off Vinalhaven Island, Maine

At long last, there has been a new camera club started in Lewiston/Auburn, the Twin Cities Camera Club (TCCC). (TCCC on FaceBook) It is my hope that photographers here will have the same opportunities that I found in CACC. We are off to a good start, and will have several photo shoots scheduled over the summer. The official club start up will take place after by-laws are written and officers are chosen in September. All levels of photographers have shown interest in beginning the club, and that bodes well for its success. Be sure to check out the FaceBook page to view some of the members work. You may know some of us.

Hot Air Balloon over the Bernard Lown Bridge connecting Lewiston and Auburn, Maine
Speaking of Maine, and the Twin Cities, my friend and fellow photographer, Dan Marquis, has created a new web site in the hope of selling Stock Photography. He is targeting the niche market for photographs taken all over the state. My photos are being uploaded to the web site, and other photographers will be invited to participate as the business grows and expands. Please take a look at the web site, and let me know what you think.

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  1. Hi Jim,
    Met Paulette Goulet today and she was telling me about the TCCC. Tried on Facebook but no luck. Seems there are MANY "twin cities" across this great land. Maybe I just didn't look long enough?
    Rob Crosby
    Turner, and Stanton B.C.