Saturday, April 26, 2014

Photographers shooting Photographers

What a great idea for an event. Justine Johnson, a wedding photographer from Portland, Maine, organized events on FaceBook for several "Head Shot Days". Ten photographers met up in Augusta, Maine on Tuesday, 22 April. The idea was for everyone to shoot everyone. And, we tried, we really tried. I will admit I did not even realize I had missed individually shooting 2 people until I was processing my photos.

The Group, courtesy of Angi Manter
This photo was shot by Angi Manter with her camera balanced on a stone step, with the timer on. Top row is Alisa Blundon, Lauren DelVecchio, Andria Simmons and her son Zane. Bottom row is Brady Allen, Rebecca Richards, Justine Johnson, Kayte Churchill, Jim Walker, Kyle Burnell, and Angi Manter.

Angi Manter, getting her shot.

It was all about the photography, and I don't mind telling you some of us were very uncomfortable being in front of the camera for a change. Talk about being out of your comfort zone. But, like a lot of us that spend most of our time behind the lens, I really did not have a decent shot of myself.

Jim Walker, courtesy of Angi Manter. Finally got a useable Head Shot.

This is my new "Head Shot" courtesy of the fine photography of Angi Manter. I am now using it on my web site,, my FaceBook page, Google + and Pinterest.

Brady Allen

We had a blast, and it was also nice meeting some of the great photographers that we have been chatting with on-line for quite awhile. Six of us adjourned for drinks and dinner at Joyce's in Hallowell, Maine. A good day was had by all. Thanks to everyone involved, and special thank you to Angi Manter for her photos.

Kayte Churchill and Angi Manter

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