Friday, August 24, 2012

Welcome to my new blog. This is my first attempt to be entertaining, amusing and I hope, educational. I have been a photographer for most of my adult life. (Longer than I would like to admit.) I purchased my first 35mm camera in 1967 during my first overseas assignment with the U.S. Army in Korea. My career in the Army took me to 22 countries and 44 states, allowing me to photograph many beautiful and exotic places. When I semi-retired from my civilian career as a Network Engineer, I became more serious about photography. I started taking more photographs of birds, and nature.

About 10 years ago, I entered the world of Fine Art photography and started showing my work in Art Shows and Galleries. I have since branched out with photographs of the Maine Coast, as well as the occasional Wedding and Special Event.

Travel photography is still near and dear to my heart, and a camera is never too far from my reach. For those interested, my prime camera is a Canon 60D, with a Canon 30D as a backup. My main workhorse lens is a Tamron 28-300mm VC for general photography, and a Sigma 150-500mm OS for birds and nature. I also use a Canon 100mm Macro lens for insects and flowers, and a Canon 18-55mm lens for wide angle shots.

I will attempt to keep this blog updated with my latest and greatest, and hopefully some tips and tricks to eak out that award winning photo.

Tomorrow finds me shooting a wedding on the Schooner Wendameen, on Casco Bay, out of the harbor in Portland, Maine. I am very excited about this shoot, and will share some of the photos and special considerations when shooting on a somewhat less than stable platform. It should be fun, and the weather looks like it will be perfect.


  1. Awesome blog site! I can't wait to see some wedded on the Windemeer pics!

  2. And, the puffin shot is gorgeous. Plus, who doesn't love Cutler Harbor?

  3. Thank you Robin, some of the wedding pics will be coming this evening. Takes awhile to process over 600 shots. Ain't digital wonderful!!!